YOu buy them when no one else wants them.  SImple.  Market pyschology is simple. Peopel see a stock go up and they wnat to buy it because its going up.  IT is herd mentality.  They drive up the price ofcomapneis 3 to 4 times their fair value jsut because the stock is going up. Market are not rational nor are they effiiceient.  


This asset... or Quatre Milles I like to call it has been identified as having potential similar to Northern Graphite's Bisset Creek.  This company will have its day.  


FYI... my rule of thbm for Pinetree... if he is buying it... I am selling.  If he is selling it... I am buying.  Sheldon is a perfect example of someone with a lot of money who doesn't have a clue.  I guess it helps being close to Sprott and being able to grab everyone that walks out his door.... 


But other than that.  Sheldon not the brightest bulb on the block when it comes to mining.