Great post, just more facts to keep people on their toes on this company and the one man show.  The good is stockhouse allows people to read facts or read hype

I am on your side Maperman, you speak with anger which is ok, when the anger is backed by fact, while Travis/Maystealer/Gill like to refer to kindergarden name calling , but what can be expected.

Monster news will come out and even if they found the largest find in the world till this company has a management team that is respectful to the shareholders and brings on a CEO who has been a CEO in the past with success, sorry in my eyes Gill does not cut the position, nor does his past merrit the position

But this is me and hence why most of us say, dont follow us read facts and look into it and than get involved , there is way to much better finds than to have one single reason to get involved in this one man show