Wow, nice to see people speak the facts and not the BS of monster news to come soon and we know what soon usually means flatlined at 1 cent with no volume, except that million order ,,,,the joke of that is clear, no buys at 3.5 which means who in their sound mind would touch it at 3, its there so the stock will not fall below 3 cents they fear the decline so its a safe net only to show power...The pump and dump boys are in need of a safety net hahahahah gotta love this

Well Travis/Gill/Maystealer time to rebut hahahah something tells me there is no rebut just cut and paste order levels in hopes some idiot does zero dd and buys

Trying times in the market usually means dd which usually means only the strong survive not the crap and the ones with crap have no volume hahahah.

Do you know what gives a good perception of how bad this companies position is, being at 3 cents and have no buys.....good for the investors who act with caution. Proves only one thing buyers are getting smart