Thanks for the numbers. I am no expert but  there doesn't appear to b  a whole lot of money to be made on the 11 day volume and this is decent volume. When you add the 11 trading days it is around 2.1 million shares exchanged at (assume ~.19 average price) total of 400K dollars. There isn't a whole lot of money to siphon off. Maybe if the trader is lucky get 4K-8K profit  from those 11 days. The short position  carries around a 6k - 16 Kof reasonable risk if it goes north quickly, assuming the shorter can buy back at around .22-.25 per share.  Maybe he can contain the price and get a little profit off his short position as well.

I think the 2 incentives for pushing lower  is

1. short term profit off capturing the demand and buying back lower.

2. constantly pushing the stock down to get shares cheaper than a year ago. Even if the shorter loses on his current short position he may be able to acquire a lot of cheap shares.

Number 2 seems far more profitable than number 1,  especially if you can load up on a lot of well priced shares. Sooner or later the prices are going to be irrationally low if this keeps up.