I believe Largo already meets all the criteria for a TSX listing -


But the bigger question is, would there be any advantage to moving to the TSX from the Venture Exchange?

People seem to assume there would be and that there should be more exposure and Analyst coverage as a result, more Institutional Investment and less 'games' and that in turn a higher share price would result.


I've witnessed many juniors migrate from the Venture to TSX and all sorts of promises and claims were made.

In the end it didnt matter one bit whether the company was on the Venture or on the big board, the share price moves related to the sentiment of the market.

Look at CXX for example. They moved to the TSX a little while back and yet that stock was 0.65 cents a year ago and 0.12 cents today (in fact it was $2.80 just a couple years ago). Simply being on the TSX Exchange didnt help it stem the slide as mining stocks have been shunned for the last two years.

Plus if they moved to the TSX, inevitably a rollback would occur to make the company look more palatable and as we've discussed on here frequently, that would most likely result in a much lower share price for us investors, as 99% of rollbacks cause a downward move in the stock pre and post rollback that is hard to avoid.