geezer, not sure where you see that it is raining in Natal today.

I've checked every weather site i can find and can find no trace of it raining in Natal.

The highest chance of rain I found was "20%" tomorrow which basically means its unlikely to rain and details on today suggested it was dry, partly cloudy earlier but clear sky now. I dont see any rain on the horizon there, or at Currais Novos. As discussed on this board previously, the dry season has just begun in that region in Brasil ("dry season between about September and January") and significant rain is unlikely until after then.

Current weather for Natal:

I wish it were not the case but I think we have to rely on new wells and other technology improvements rather than on mother nature to get water to Currais Novos. This project was supposed to generate a little cashflow, enough to sustain Administration costs for the Company, but so far its just been a negative cash drag and thats going to take some time to turnaround. In many ways, it would likely have been more profitable if Largo hadn't proceeded with CN at all and instead concentrated 100% on Maracas earlier on in the development. Still, hindsight is a wonderful thing.