geezer, while I do agree with the commentator's suggestion that we likely hit a low in the markets recently and  the direction is currently UP for the next little while for the major markets, I dont think this has any bearing on the Junior metals stocks whatsoever. The Insider Buying trends tend to only effect the large stocks and we've seen several cycles now over the last 18 months to two years where there's been very definite tradeable bottoms on Dow, Nasdaq, even TSX but very little on the Venture Exchange and even less on the junior exploration plays with no little to no earnings.

For our sector to turnaround, entirely different factors have to come into play and the chief one is investor confidence. Right now investors are still pulling out of the mining stocks as no matter the underlying metals prices, people are just scared of the macro environment out there. Once this fear subsides and it will over time, I think people will tiptoe back into the quality Juniors, while many of the rest of the exploration companies will never make it back and either go out of business altogether or be diluted so much so that investors will have next to nothing left in them. Looking at the Venture Exchange on a daily basis recently, I havent seen so many stocks sub 0.05 cents for many years - even back in 2008/2009 it was hardly as bad as this. So many are at 0.01 cent or 0.015 cents its scary. These companies are pretty much all for all intents and purposes dead as investments now.

Largo will in my opinion be one of the few survivors out of this washout in the mining sector. Despite the dilution we suffered in 2012, the overall market cap really hasn't fallen that much, which is a strong indicator that now we're done with the dilution (fingers crossed), then the next move should be higher as we near production, but its going to take time. Perhaps a bit more weakness over the next few weeks but January should see the beginning of a new trend in Largo and a new up move, slow and steady I would suspect.