Whats the danger if this stock drops?

My worthless 2-ct :


1) Some people may want the sp to drop as much as it can so they can optimize their tax-loss filing when they execute their sales orders. These people hope that the sp will stay as low as possible when they will execute their buy-back-orders in the new year (within the time limit allowed by the tax laws). It would not be a surprise to me if these people will try to put a lid on the sp (e.g. manipulation by using a serie of tiny trades) until the execution of their buy back orders. At the end the buy back will be significant in volume and it will be within a short time span and thus it will contribute to an upward run early in the new year.

2) Funds managers (such as MacKenzie and may be the lead investors as well) have to report the state of their investments to their own bosses / own BoD  at every quarter-end and year-end. These people will not want to report a bad return (on paper) for their protfolio holdings. Therefore it would be in their interests to prevent an sp drop as much as they can do in their power.


3) With regard to the small fry who really believe in Largo, who are true "longs"  and who don't care about tax-loss filing, the paper loss will have no real effect other than a deep sense of frustration and a string of irrational behaviour toward their love ones. Not good for your health.