Rumors of a merger eh? Who are your sources fritz?


I always get a chuckle when people play the "rumors card" on a public chat site they fail to include the source for verification purposes.


Why do people do that ? Well ... that's easy. It is more than likely that the person posting the rumor IS the source and it is just that  .... an unverifiable rumor.


So .... is fritz accountable for his "rumor"? Absolutely not. Why? Because he doesn't have to be.


Regardless of that ... even if they do merge .... with this crew in control I am sure they will find a way to suck more money out of the coffers built by the investors and put it right where it belongs .... in their greasy little hands.


On the other hand ... I hope I am wrong as I still hold a few shares of the P.O.S.


In a nutshell? Fritz ... shut the F up with your "rumors" already. We don't need more B.S.  heaped upon this already sordid story.