I have not seen the core but was at the property with the CEO this summer and actually seeing the property and certian areas of the property drastically changed my outlook. The mine itself and the tailings are in good shape, of course the machinery is not and would not expect it to be after this many years. I concur with TYLOR on the fact that

"The problem with the majority of you guys is that you focus so intently on the market that you forget that at the end of the day it is the fundamental value proposition that will drive the stock."

Call in and talk to the CEO, he is very approachable. The Recievership is positive and although the NR was taken poorly he feels we will benifit greatly. Management knows these cores need to be good and given the fact this mine has 700,000 oz infered they have a great idea where viens indicate the gold is. The Montana claim will be drilled next season and where i believe the magor grades lay. This years drilling was well planned and the grades will define the already proven resource. Next year the company will prove enough resource that we will go from inferred to indicated.

I hope you all trade the stock and lose out on what is to come, we are at a market cap of 5million.

33,000 oz in the tailings pond

700,000 oz infered in the mine itself

metaloligy came back positive

A functual tailing pond with lots of room left, construction cost alone 5million

a mining permit, Cost 8 million and 5 years time

Carolin has consolidated the entire areas claims

Plant area is already developed.

13 holes expected in 6 weeks

Several past producers within there property

the potential for the resource to stretch from carolin mine to the mcmaster mine.

to be honest the list goes on and on, bash away to your hearts extent. this project isnt hard to sell and should be dramatically above this price in the next 3 months.