share price is quite undervalued given the facts

the question is when will others see the potential growth value here?

LAD.V has a property with 5 historical gold mines on it
- last mined actively in 1982-84 - closing after the gold price fell below $350/oz
mine permit and tailings impoundment permits are in good standing

This is company is doing BOTH mine development and exploration.

The point being that while there have been 5 past producing gold mines on the property there has been any professional exploration of the potential size of its gold resource.

- January 19, 2012 news release:
New Carolin Gold Announces Results of Airborne Geophysical Survey Over The Ladner Gold Property
The results indicate the presence of a major magnetic linear structure that can be traced for over 18 km within the Company’s claims that comprise in part the Coquihalla Gold Belt.  This linear structure is attributable to the presence of serpentinite, which is associated with gold mineralization.  The calculated vertical gradient map also indicates the presence of northeasterly striking fault structures.  The northwesterly trend of this magnetic linear structure parallels the major Hozameen fault structure.
The Emancipation Mine, Carolin Mine, Idaho/Aurum Prospect, Montana Prospect, McMaster Zone and Georgia No 2 Prospect all occur along this magnetic boundary.  The Pipestem Mine is located approximately 800 metres to the east of this contact, but also higher up in the stratigraphic sequence.  There remain several kilometers of untested ground along this magnetic anomaly.
The Total Count radiometric data (sum of potassium, thorium and uranium values) indicate the presence of potential felsic rocks in the northern part of the claim area.  Gold prospects in this area are associated with felsic dykes.
The vertical gradient and total count radiometric maps can be viewed on the Company website:

So IMO this is a gold mine.  It sits on an 130 sq km "under explored" property with 5 past producers
they control the 18 kilometre gold trend - specifically the "major magnetic linear structure that can be traced for over 18 km within the Company’s claims" (see Jan 19th news release) AND yet there has been very little exploration done

so this will be gold mine again - yes
potential to expand the resource is very high meaning the company is actively planning to delineate the potential dimensions of the gold resource

the money needed to build LAD:
1. the company just closed two private placements for a total of approimately $750k
2. PEA (Preliminary Economic Assessment) of the tailings (see March 14 news) shows a recoverable 24,000/oz gold-resource providing the company potential cash flow and the option of non-dilutive debt financing

What's coming: they are awaiting the results from two NI 43 101 resoucre reports on:  1. the 40,000 metres of drilling done on the Carolin mine (before the advent of the NI 43 101 standard) and;  2. the open pit potential of two separate gold zones

so this is trading between 14.5 and .17 ??  I wonder for how long