"The Ontario Ministry of Northern Development, Mines  is responsible for promoting economic
development in Northern Ontario and for the delivery of a variety of government programs and/or services in the North relating to community/regional economic development, transportation, and community infrastructure. Activities undertaken by this division are not subject to the Environmental Assessment Act."

The Crown is currently neutered because government is in conflict with what is in the best interest of 34 million Canadians and what is in the best interest of 10000 Indians occupying land that was surrendered to the crown by the Indians on signing Treaty 9 in 1905 - 1906.

The conflict is one reason why the Crown is improperly delegating its constitutional duty to consult with first nations, to third parties

define: delegate

"Delegate lends an official air to passing off your work. If you don't like cleaning the bathroom, you can try to delegate that task to your little brother."

Ontario cannot deliver on or enforce mineral rights that it granted in the ROF, Lake Abitibi or anywhere else and as a result the real economy of the country is heading for economic catastrophe.

Failure of such policy is a foregone conclusion because among other things, the Crown is providing tax payer funding to the indians while denying any such capacity to delegated third parties who must rely on investors who in turn are offered no certainty.

The Crown's fiduciary duty to First Nations must not trump its responsibilities towards all Canadians.

To weigh the real risks and avoid potential financial losses it is essential that all current and potential stakeholders accross the country familiarize themselves with the largely uncirculated information at the  following link http://www.macdonaldlaurier.ca/files/pdf/2013.01.05-MLI-Canada_FirstNations_BLAND_vWEB.pdf