More connecting of the dots re:Aecon....

"The Hon. Brian V. Tobin, P.C., ICD.D has been an Executive Chairman of Cliffs Quebec Iron Mining Limited (formerly Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines Ltd.) since July 2009 and has been its Acting Chief Executive Officer and Acting President since November 2010

He has been Vice Chairman and Lead Director of Aecon Group Inc. since June 2013. He has been Vice Chairman of BMO Capital Markets Corp. since April 2013"


The verbage below is from this this link from oct. 2012. The gov't been in partnership with Aecon for quite some time

Right now we're in partnership—to answer your question about partnerships—and very active with AECON. I hope everybody is familiar with AECON. We're working with Six Nations and Brandi Jonathan, the Ring of Fire, northwestern Ontario. The Ring of Fire is nine aboriginal bands. We're now creating a partnership with them to access the resources from the Six Nations aboriginals, the Ring of Fire, who do not necessarily have that expertise. We're putting together a proposal to train aboriginals to work in northwestern Ontario in the boom—the construction, the railway, the roads that are going to be going in for the billions of dollars' worth of projects

As of two days ago, the Aecon signed a deal with Matawa to to expand training and development programmes for First Nations in northern and remote areas surrounding Ontario's Ring of Fire mining development.....Aecon wouldn't do this if there wasn't some verbal nod of planned infrastructure work.
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