try that agin....

    there is many things going on we are not privelged to know but if one looks back ... frank claimed the lake and that were the landing / supplies come in this time of year ... no more frozen roads

Well, when I look back, I see incredible chapters of a book yet to be written and here is what I wrote about the subject, to myself, months ago....

At Koper Lake, a story of frontier resource exploration describes how staking claims in the Ring of Fire is very competitive. Shortly after 9:00AM, on June 17, 2011, KWG arrived by helicopter to stake six mineral claims comprising 32 units on open ground that lay directly to the north of Noront claims 4226694 and 4226662 (and directly south of Fancamp Exploration Limited's claims 3012257 and 3012258). These two 16-unit claims were formerly claims 4221148 and 4221149 of MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd. The claims were free to be restaked after 9:00AM by anyone the day after they expired.

Ken Pye's Canada Chrome KWG team was packing for the return helicopter trip after completing the staking when Noront's chief geologist, Eric Mosley and team arrived. KWG had beat Noront to the stake by a few hours! KWG had it's "Port of Koper Lake" at the northern terminus of its right-of-way for a permanent amphibious aerodrome, and permanent East-West all-weather runway and heliport terminal adjunct to a railroad terminal, fuel storage compound, communications hub, accommodation services, and repair and maintenance facilities. Noront has filed notice with the Mining Recorders Office contesting the validity of the staking, but KWG affirms that its 'physical' staking prevails over Noront's.

However, Noront and Northern Shield have a thin line of claims, 4223832 to 4223835, and 4207484, 3019124, 4215537, 4221864, to the right of Kitchie Lake and north of Fishtrap Lake, blocking right of way for CCC's railway corridor claims and then further north, ten kilometers before Kopwer Lake, Noront has a number of claims making access to Koper Lake terminal impossible by land. It would be to everyones benefit if Noront and KWG came to some sort of amicable arrangement.

In any event, the commissioner, upon review of the mining claims records and evidence, would balance the validity of contiguous claims with Section 43(1), and 43(2)(a)(b) of the Mining Act.

Lou...I have enough material for the book....we just don't know how it turns out!