KWG's claims are continuous right to BD & BH, As for the possibility of the RR going over PRB's claims do you really think they would protest against a RR going over their claims? Not likely seeing as their claims would become economically viable.

Hi Rallard! I have identified every KWG, CCC, Debut, CLF claim in the area on google earth as a .kmz file, overlaying the Ontario Mining Claims, along with alienations and dispositions. I started doing so last year. It is not static but more fluid, as companies make new claims or abandon those claims.

For example, CLF's had over 400 claims, in three clusters, about 100 to 200 km east of the KWG RR, then one day about three months ago, I saw that they abandon many of the claims, keeping about 100. Of course, these would be for aggregate.

Technically, KWG's claims are not continuous. Last year, I noted three main breaks;

(1) NORTHERN SHIELD RESOURCES INC. blocks them at their claims #4255869, #4267408, #4229883, #4229874, #4255862

(2) Noront had blocked them with, among others, claim #4245213, #4245214, #4245215 but Noront disposed of them about two months ago and then suddenly, they are registered as KWG claims!

(3) Noront blocks them with multiple claims starting at #4225876

All very interesting.