It will have more downside Will be used to raise more funds to allow more salary without any movement     So why set up a target.There is more needed to bring the project to prominence. We are all in an all or none gamble right now i feel. Even if someone buys it, it will likely be a bottom feeding fishing trip.  The conundrum is the world demand and recovery.  Obama is an idiot that pipeline could be a signal for many things He is busy pulling off a bunch of crud to try and cement the donkeys in for the next 20 years Giving him a limelight image. Meanwhile he is doing serious damage to depth of a recovery push needed.  My opinion.     Europe is still a mess too!!! Who needs stainless steel when nothing is happening I still have Freewest money stuck in there Some of the Freewest goes back to Harker Holloway gold mine. We needed Murry Pezim or a serious promoter. Frank has done a great job but he does not have the breadth of following needed in the markets