Liberal Silence on ONTC Costs Speaks Volumes

Liberal Silence on ONTC Costs Speaks Volumes

NORTH BAY – The fact the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals remain silent on their fabricated Ontario Northland cost savings claim is proof they haven’t been telling the truth all along, Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli said today.

“Three weeks ago today, I held a news conference at Queen’s Park where I outlined details of what I have been saying since Day 1 — the divestiture of Ontario Northland would not save the $265 million the Liberals had claimed in the budget. I provided evidence that in fact it actually would cost Ontario taxpayers $265 million – a half-billion dollar swing,” Fedeli said.

“Since that day, not one Liberal staffer or politician has refuted this claim – not one!” exclaimed Fedeli, who initiated an Auditor General’s investigation into the Liberals’ ONTC divestment cost savings claims back in March.

“Their silence is extremely telling.”

Fedeli noted he received a response to an Order Paper Question stating “the ONTC divestment process is still under way” on April 29, just two days before his news conference.

“Then, days later, the Liberals suddenly state that divestment isn’t the only option. It’s hardly a coincidence they started to back off just days after their false accounting was exposed,” Fedeli said.

Fedeli added the Ontario PCs recently released their Northern Vision document, which states a clear plan for Ontario Northland.

“The ONTC should play a vital role in helping develop the Ring of Fire. I believe the best way to ship ore is by rail, which is in line with the New Deal proposal,” Fedeli said.