50 to one leaves 13,831 545  capitilization potential 27 million bucks   What funds can you procure for this situation at 2 bucks ?     If money is raised what is it for to continue to pay the office and lifestyle as the net smelter has done for the past severnal years.   What is the grandious plan put money in franks pock for anothe 5 years to get this off the ground . so we go back to 4 cents say and still no production does that mean we get 4 cent shares again and frank and the office has another 5 years of option and good income to run theri hobby. It sounds like a guy with a gun to ones head saying money or your life. As i said list the ways to raise moneyI bet nobody else came up with this one.Rallard surprised you like the dollar analogy after all the mud slinging at yank on his us buckmaybe it was tongue in cheek 400,000 sahres of DDI we could use that to vegatate the whole of Northern Ont.i