i get exactly what they are trying to do and to get traction / momentum ... i was told this is their time to get organized or they would need to wait until next year meeting ... but in the climate we are in financially/ markets squeezing looking for an edge / venture taking a beating ... you need a clear objective or direction with sustainability ... this is the time to get these shares prepared to move kwg to a new level but they need direction at the exact same time ... you initiates this game plan without a firm backing of news i believe oma has a point ... if the company corners cliffs with a route call or cliffs retracts their plan for this road or backs the rail plan with a change of heart with the drill tonnage / grades/// like a one two three punch here we go super shares then oma point has merit !!! a bare minimal of 8 months or more ago i showed the company cliffs hired on a company that was performing work  for cliffs they took me lite ... now i showed them again there looks like work has been preformed again but the question of the day will be if they go to the area to visually check up about it ??? so what will cliffs do when cornered with the truth that is on the  table or will they want it not to become public  knowledge to tarnish their so called image ??? if the company finds cliffs did work to their route it will be a huge game changer and working relations will be at another level ... they have what was submitted for an EA.....   showing  the natives were being consulted and what was being talked about ... question is do they investigate and use the knowledge >>> hoping this will be one of those punches ??? <<<