I am told by Bruce at kwg that the new Super Share will be convertable back and forth at will. There will be no new shares created that would rase the outstanding sharecount thus there will be no dillution. The super share will be offered to large buyers (funds and corporate buyers) who will be able to use the super share to margin thier holdings putting upward pressure on the kwg shareprice. By having fund and corporate buyers get involved with kwg stock there will also be more buyers putting an upward pressure on the kwg stockprice. With all going on with the both levels of governments, the blackhorse drillings, the bold drillings (that we control thier metals found), the easment deceision comming. These will bring larger funds and corporate buyers to look kwg over and we will be able to offer them a Super Share that they can buy and use to put upward pressure on the stockprice by leveraging and as no new shares are formed then it also puts upward pressure on kwg stock by tightening up the supply and demand for kwg stock as new buyers will be buying more of the existing stock in the form of a Super Share... THERE is no dillution or reverse split as no extra shares will be brought to the sharestructure.