This is a stroke of genious on Franks part. This has never been done on the TSX and would have gone through last vote if CLF had not voted. In case you have not noticed CLF does not want KWG to prosper. If this is voted YES, then people would be able to Margin their purchase of shares,,,,and would attract institutional buyers as well. If we win the decision from the commissioners office,,,,which we should,,,and drill results are very good as expected, then we could easily go back over .10C a share, or $5.00 in the new shares, which would allow the pension funds etc. to get involved. So I repeat,,,THIS IS NOT A REVERSE SPLIT AND WILL CAUSE NO DILUTION.

The paid Bashers,,,or probably 1 person with multiple names,,,,will keep spreading their B.S. about reverse split. If you have questions, then call the company and speak to Bruce. They are not there to lie to you, and do not.

The junior mining sector is probably in worse shape now than in the crash of 2008. And what Frank is proposing could revolutionize the entire sector,

My vote will be YES