B212 ... We have our differences of opinion on a lot of issues ... but, I totally

agree with you on this: "anyone that can find a penny stock reverse split (in

any way you want to spell it out) that worked for the good of the average

share holders, I would like to see it too" ...  The Nail/Head theory at work.

Lets see, 667m divided by 50 = 13,350,000 (est) revised share count.

Then, when this is approved by those with a large "vested interest" it will

jump about 10%. Then, the skid starts, next time you it look up, it will be

down, lets say to the 10 cent level. Wana bet? ... And, what is this based

upon you ask? To me this is the historical past and the reason why the

TSX.T was set up in the first place. History repeats itself so often right

here in front of our own eyes. Note, this is just my humble thoughts

spelled out here. I also wonder why the "old adage" wern't included.

Like: we're are doing this for the good of the company. Like we have way

too many outstanding shares to attract industrial buyers for a buyout. Or, 

no worthy Banking Institution (or, etc...) will buy a stock under $2.00. And,

like in the "King and I", etc, etc, etc ...  Yes. history repeating itself being

made to happen by ...?... for the good of ... ???????? Surely not the long

time share holders. Surely not ME.

western(the optimistic)kid