"Mining workers and communities across Canada can count on our government’s support of this vital engine of economic growth,” Oliver said in a news release.

How can government fix something if there is no dialogue. No discussions with cliffs since January. No discussion with Solid Gold for a year. The inidans get a five million dollar check to soften them up (sorry, "to build capacity") but who pays the G and A on all the miners while the government picks thier nose and everything ends in years of expensive litigation. They love lawyer$$$$$$ and making law, one question at a time to the court .
I have said it before. Tthe Government must first fix the simple problems starting with the Lake Abitibi Gold Camp.
First they have to admit they acted unlawfully on that matter and of course they dont want to do that. Failing governments rather try to cover up thier ineptitude and deciept but that takes time even when it does not work.
Ontario is doing nothing to fix the problems because they have given away Canadas sovereignty. Treaty be damned. Mike Gravelle and Premier Wynne are Daltons achitects for this mess and if the opposition was not just as corrupt heads would roll. The truth will eventually come out. See Gas plants or just ask Duffy