I don't post often, usually just read the posts but I wanted to pass this along.  
Below is a short email conversation I had to today with someone that I get investing advice from.  I won't give you his name but he was a mine manager for a large minning company in Ontario for years but has since retired.  He is on some minning company boards and has a pretty successful minning consulting company to keep in busy in retirement.  To say the least I put high value on his opinions.  We have had many conversations on the ROF and he knows I have a significant investment (For me) in KWG. 
Read the emails from the bottom up, he sent me the first one this morning with an attachment to today's media release regarding the new shares.   This is just his personal opinion of course.  
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Unfortunately it's a low value commodity. Very low value. I think Cliffs is having trouble justifying, locating and financing their chromite opportunity. If they are, then KWG hasn't much near term hope. But there's no loss for you until you sell, so may as well hang in there. Just not too hopeful.

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Ryan, hate to throw a wet blanket over this but there will never be a processing facility built in Ontario any more for this kind of mineral. The federal government has a ministry dedicated to Northern Ontario, basically the only ministry of its kind in the fed. Government, and they can't see how to make this happen.