Hey Shrink,  or should I call you "patient 666"...you are so "without vision"... don't you know that you don't win a chess game by placing a few pieces on the board at the beginnign of the match...conversely, you do win when preparation meets opportunity and intersects with execution ... that gives you the checkmate...and for you to even presume that you could interpret Frank's strategic moves or the intention behind them, as absolutely presumptuous and psychotic...you do not have a solid grasp of this reality.  If you cannot see the convergence that is forming, than you shouldn't be commenting on this board...you're like the dear in the headlights for how clueless you are.  If there was any truth to what you are asserting, there shareholders would be hurrying for the exits...this SP has clearly been walked down by enemies of KWG, by selling small amounts into the BID...please do us all a favour...try to add some substance to your posts, because your credibility is zero...Good luck to all KWG longs...Pear3