so way was peter moonias of neskantaga first nations told it was not the place to fight their fight when he went last summer for the first portion of the mining commissions tribunal ... that when the first nations was asking the mining commissioner to hear their fight about the environmental fight for a joint panel ??? you know you are trying to tell everyone you have a letter about ??? see the first nations asked but the commissioner herself told them this was not the place to argue about the ea that cliffs and gov't was trying to push forward ... that why this winter it the companies fighting it out without the first nations having representation in feb 2013 tribunal ... so where do you come up with the fisherman story ??? nice try lets see the black and white you got ... see no ea no feasibility / no route no feasibility ... cliffs has troubles coming from this corner andthen that corner ... see i know they tried to get aggregate permits from the bedrock that supports kwg route claims ... you seem to have your wires crossed because the mining commissioner and the environmental assessment offices are 2 entirely different offices that need to be worked on ... so where do you come up with such a yarn ???