Marlboro, I agree with you. I've even posted a response that I got from the ministry of natural resources, which indicates that there is still some way to go before any easement decision is made. I also think its a good time to accumulate, but I'm being called a brasher for stating the response I got from MNR which states that the environmental assessment from Clf has to be submitted and reviewed  before they can make an easement decision. That is the response I got from Londa Mortson, who works for MNR. I also have a letter from tony Clements office, which is less insightful then the response I got from MNR. I am going to buy more stock on those assumptions. Not on the moronic rhetoric I keep reading in here about " any day now, mark my words"...  From guys who probably don't have 2 pennies to rub together. So yes, great time to accumulate, but that easement could come 2 days from now or 2 years from now. Anyone's guess.