they knew the rules were changing and i would presume they though the work commenced then they would finish ... if they hit proved up they had the best deposit befofe cliffs could make a move then cliffs would be out priced because of a proven resource ... last april cliffs took over as the operator ... look up the old agreement if their is to be a change then it will be in it with a date of change ... notice they said these cores are being annalized while they wait for the permits signed off on ... camp set up and drills in position waiting for permits ... good new is the core are being annalized and they will be back at the drilling once signed ... small short set back but enough time for cliffs to get what ever they need to do ??? once the reading from the commissioner happens they will be surrying to plan b that they said they do not have but nothing that comes from their mouths is to be trusted ... even telling their own shareholders that every re penny of those convertible shares were to be directed at debt