We all know of the hydro announcement for the ring. We all know the importance that cliffs had to the ring. We are starting to see that cliffs with thier dire financial position is becoming a real posibility of not being able to proceed and push the ring forward but may even hinder the ring growth. What many do not realize is that the blackhorse importance to the ring may become imperative and here is why. Transportation of the ore out of the ring has to be a given for the ring to proceed and the blackhorse is the key to it. Kwg to establish a revenue canada deceision to have flow through shares to back the railroad infrastructure funding have to have a mine of thier own to make the kwg rail a necessity. The blackhorse proven up will supply this necessity to revenue Canada for the kwg flowthrough ruling. This will also help every other mine to go forward by helping financing the other mines as the rail infrastructure will improve the chance of all the mines getting thier own financing. The blackhorse will also mean that cliffs will no longer be imperative to move the ring forward as kwg will be able to start the rail without cliffs. The accumulated need for all the mines combined will be enough for the ring to go forward without waiting another 10 years for cliffs. We no longer can count on cliffs as they will not be able to fund anything themselves and are in the spot that any funding or building they are contemplating may be pushed back for years due to thier financial problems. The blackhorse ruling can put the ring back on tract by putting the posibility of the last big infrastructure in place. (the railroad) Ring consolidation, buyouts, takeovers, port authorities are all posibilities but the blackhorse ruling will be a definate and if necessary kwg will be able to go it alone or lead with a joint venture of many possibilities. The BLACKHORSE is THE DARKHORSE comming into THE LIGHT.