One minor thing that concerns me:  Why hasn't KWG taken steps to start building a railway?

They have the claims.  Although Cliffs applied for an easement, that wouldn't legally stop KWG from proceeding to initiate construction.

(And of couse, by "construction" I mean securing the financing either on their own or more likely in partnership with other entities).

I can only presume that KWG has already been working behind the scenes on this.  They wouldn't just sit back and wait for the results of the easement case.  But why not an announcement?  That means that one of two things has happened:
1.  They haven't managed to figure out how to secure financing yet; or
2.  They have financing, but they're waiting for the announcement from the office of the mining commissioner to confirm that Cliffs was not successful in their application for easement.

If the first is the case, then we're in a bit of a pickle.  That would imply that once the easement hearing results are announced, we're still stuck in waiting mode, until some sort of plan can be solidified with respect to who/how the railway would be built.

If the second is the case, then why not announce now?  That would have been another nail in the coffin for Cliffs with respect to the easement, if KWG could have said, "Not only do we not think there is enough room for both road and rail, plus intend to start building a rail, but we have already just started to ramp up for the beginning of construction thanks to our partnership/financing with XXX."  So if they did have financing wrapped up already in the background and just haven't let on, that would imply that they're not 100% certain about success in the mining commission upholding their sole right to access over their staked claims.

I suspect that the first option is more likely.  But of course, that means that even if the easement decision comes down say tomorrow and it comes out in KWG's favor, then we aren't about to see anything happening immediately.

What I'm saying is that although we've all been eagerly awaiting the results of the Mining Commission's decision, I'm a bit concerned that even after that, we may have to wait additional weeks or months until finally some sort of deal is worked out with CN or CP or the ONTC and another entity/entities (private or government) to confirm financing.

This doesn't really worry me.  I can hold my shares for another year or two.  But it does make me think that people here shouldn't get too disappointed if the SP doesn't explode with a positive mining commission ruling.  We might have to be patient for a bit longer after that.