If you think that there wouldn't be a bidding war for KWG you living in denial,only one with transportation route several claims which are proven,aggregate only one that has still been moving ahead and financially in great shape not to mention in great relationship with FN.Unlike you and CLF and others one major piece to any mine is transportation and well KWG was thinking about that and has done it.

Now that government has indicated that the ROF will be top priority and respect you really think that spider even compares(not even close biggreek)sorry if you can't afford to buy in at .06 cents but will soon be in rear view mirror so shut up or hop on KWG express(nice ring to that eh).The whole world is now taking notice of KWG and the ROF.

And now with NDP and government talking about becoming stainless steel producer,you don't think government and private money won't be in great supply,then think again.