Freewest went for that price because there was a bidding war with Noront, there was a fight for Spider, but unless KWG hits it big with Bold claims, there is no reason for anyone to step into Kwg, esp with cliffs owning 19.9%, KWG will have to pay for its share of future drilling, PEA, and the building of the mine, what about the smelter. KWG will have to make a number of raises which will cause large dilution of shares, what I don't understand is the witch hunt against cliffs, nothing happens in the ring of fire without Cliffs input, they have the major deposits tied up,Noront needs to increase the size of their deposits before they become a player,last year I owned Galway and Trelawny, both taken out,I wanted a bigger price on both,I knew they were worth more, but the market is the market, most times you take what is given to you and move on