we dealt with cliffs pulling all the tricks in the book trying to break franks's back and putting kwg into a submission hold ... each time kwg resources would put out a news release then cliffs would underhanded a follow up news release to squash or wipe out kwg news ??? well i waited to say something about the construction pricing kwg had done for them about what the difference in rail/ road ... cliffs would normally rebuttal kwg news by hours or the next day ??? well it been well over two business days or 4 nights since kwg news ... cliffs has not commented because they can not ... they never got a construction quote or analyst perspective on what the cost of this route would be ??? it was a total fabrication the amount of money they tagged to a road ... see when i said they made up an amount on a mine and smelter ??? then i said my construction buds said they had no quote because of the price the snagged out of the blue