the past thought of miners was these poor natives will take a crumb and be happy ... or the gov't will throw them a bone and the hungry will fight over scraps ??? this is not the case any more and they want some of that cake ... so frank get with the program of future thinkers and go offer them something ... then see 100% big daddy mined first  and  foremost ...see what cliffs says because if they continue to play then up the revenue sharing and see if cliffs enjoys a little game of squeeze play they been playing the juniors with ??? every 1 percent you offer will hurt them like no one here understands and that my friends is your bargaining tool to use against an oppressor ??? there is more ways to skin a cleveland cat that likes to take ... they like to play game and they would not enjoy me because i could school the harvard crowd of thinking they could take and not give back to the ones that welcomed ... play fair or it will hurt