Everyone probably allready figured that my comment was directed at Tarquin4-5-6 lost count at which # now.

Does anyone think that CLFs is now going to play nice with KWG and the ROF process and transportation,even though they are going to court very soon.I believe that they have run out of all options and knowing they will loose the transportation battle in court and Liberals will set their plans out soon(CLFs won't like) and even if Liberals get the boot whoever put in will not be on CLFs side.
Things will be heating up very soon and pressure to get CLFs future some what settled so they can rebuild themselves of market themselves for a takeover.What does everyone else feel,myself feel since US and Europe and China looking better and in a somewhat of a recovery(fear short lived) but maybe it will be permanent recovery that CLFs will get a boost from this and recover themselves and put this ROF to bed finally and regain there market.They will have KWG pull FN together on this and put the port authority together also if everyone demands it.

Thanks in advance for your thought on this