You say that , Crude Oil from Canada's Oil Sands sells for about $65. a barrel. Well that's not really true.

  Unrefined Bitumen that is mixed with a thinner and known as Dilbit sells at $65. a barrel and is listed as Western Canada Select and Dilbit is what would be going through the Keystone  Pipe line.

   Syncrude, Suncore, Albian, and CNRL all produce Synthetic Crude and these are the major producers of Synthetic oil in the Tarsands and Synthetic Crude sells for usually more than West Texas Intermediate and Synthetic Crude is shipped straight to the refinery for process. Out of Synthetic Crude they produce Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene and Jet Fuel.

   And as far as Tard-quin4 goesstick to your bashing and Nazi knowledge because you don't know nothing about Tarsands Oil you stupid moron. Just about 4 years of listening to this idiot, what a waste.