if you want to buy cliffs out i have an idea to corner cliffs and put pressure on the gov't ??? cliffs has tried for 3 yrs now to get the natives to sign on with their vision but it has not happened and might take a lot of work on their part ??? cliffs has no native agreement to move forward and no transport corridor which is the most important piece they did not see or waited till it was to late because they should done a deal or was smart enough to obtain in the beginning but they waited until they were neck deep before acting ...frank two facts that makes cliffs ore worthless ???

1... no native agreement

2... no transport corridor

which is why if anyone buys off cliffs will be discounted big time for not having agreements in place !!!

frank you want to be the catalyst to move this into mining then use your negotiations with natives to good use ... go talk to NAN / THE BAND INVOLVED / DOWLAND and negotiate with them a plan to takeout the chromite from cliffs with an offer and move with them to be miners ...if they want a fair chance at making money then involve them in buying the deposits off cliffs because the zen deal tells the story that they are open to selling because they need money now ... bring dowland in because they can find financing and they bring in construction ... go sell to them that this guarantees them jobs and the proper percentages of wealth they deserve and they have all the pull you need to work with the gov't ... gaining access will be a breese to any 3 P money and there will be no more hold ups !!! use your dealings with ontc to allow them in on what should of been in the first place ??? what a deal that would put us on the map of mover and shakers getting a partnership and having a native / ontc / tax payers partnership mining / transporting and smelting a home brew solution a 100% canadian flavor that benefits the people ??? i would not drag my feet with action because cliffs has opened the door with not being diversified and opportunity is knocking !!! contact the players swiftly and form a venture partnership and go make them an offer to take a headache off their hands they will never resolve on their own because they screwed up and now they are stuck with whom they can get as a partner or to sell to ??? they need permission