cliffs had to sell those claims back to zen for a reason ? they lost money on the venture and sold them straight back to zen for a reason ??? why didn't cliffs shop out a different buyer and try to recoup at least what they paid for the claims or the stake in zen but resold to the same company at a discount or a loss ??? it was to do with investment canada and nafta rules cliffs being a foreigner and was limited to whom would be interested here to buy what cliffs purchased off zen because they would need zen permission to sell to an outsider just like what is going to happen here ... cliffs needs to run that selling of chromite deposit by frank because all the deposit are inter linked and is owned by the parent company cliffs a foreigner ... see info like this is beyond the comprehension of a guy like park because reading what investment canada or nafta rules is a little beyond is level ??? cliffs lose is zen gain and it could happen here because pedro is starving for cash