So if you have the votes, vote his party out. Get organized.  Otherwise stop whining. Losers are so tiresome.

Our tea baggers are get on my nerves. Maybe Michelle Bachman will move to Switzerland since she barely got reelected (she has dual citizenship).  That's why I'm sympathetic to mitt-for-brain's rallard's idea to have Minnesota go to Ontario. You guys can have Bachman

btw Does anyone think a rattlesnake farm might work in NWO? I think it could be a money maker:  Bites Inc!  In Truman Capote's Hand-Carved Coffins, the owner of such a farm (a Hispanic lady in Texas--where else) injects her snakes with speed to get them angry but I was wondering about some "love drug" instead. Might really get the snake pop in NWO to astronomical heights. They are pretty tasty--yes I eat reptiles but not mammals

I see the lulu man is back. O Joy! Where's pickadanose?