i can not believe that you people have not caught on ??? it brings a big smile to me face !!! haven't anyone been able to comprehend what investment canada means and nafta rules that applies to pedro ??? pedro had money but is broke and the rules of whom is the one in charge and it no longer pedro ! they must spend to fulfill the requirements under investment canada but pedro can not with no money ...with the corridor they must be able to pay or show the feds they can pay but they can not ... joe and willy tells the media they will get a partner to help them but no one has caught on that they are a foreign company doing business here on canadian grounds but they can say what ever ? they need to play by canadian rules / law ... cliffs bought into the chromite and they may use names like spider or freewest but they are cliffs natural resources office cleveland ohio american not canadian ... cliffs bought in and all ready has a canadian partner or joint venture partner that owns a portion of this chromite ... so revenue canada or any other gov't views them as american outsider under nafta law and must follow nafta rules ... so when cliffs bought one or three different sources of chromite it is still cliffs that owns all but a portion is owned by a canadian company...when they announced they would get a partner to finance they can not until they fulfill the first partnership or joint venture partner by asking the permission to bring another partner aboard ...under canadian law cliffs must first ask the canadian gov't permission to bring another in especially another foreign company under nafta law because it a canadian resource and must get permissions first !!! second they must get permission from the joint venture partner to bring in another before it can happen because the gov't views the chromite is majority cliffs but has a canadian minority partner and the law says they MUST HAVE PERMISSION AND CAN NOT ACT UNTIL GRANTED ??? so pedro is stuck with chromite in the ground and has no route to mine or access to the market / a partnership that they must get previsions first before anything and they are broke ??? so if anyone looks at the chromite as it stands it worthless to someone to buy it off cliffs at the present unless they can get permission from the gov't and kwg ??? they played with frank and this little company ...they tried everything under the sun to mess this company around even go as far as to steal the route and force the stock into the present and does anyone in their right mind thinks frank going to say no worries joe we will say ok to anything ??? cliffs chromite is worthless until permission is granted !!! frank go offer a stink bid and then use investment canada and nafta rules against cliffs... funny when the scenario of extracting the wealth / power factor and all of a sudden the are naked / exposed ??? pedro is so screwed without permission the chromite is worth nothing and they can not bring in just any old someone to help ??? screwed blue and tattooed being an american and the canadian laws help being canadian but being american working in canada they must fulfill everything or expropriation could be the result !!!