this area  is very much in dispute    its the most disputed part of  ruthenia.... you see we were the developers of the so called uklurain  and russia   but russia  wants you to think they are the be all and end all...     my prince son of valdomir the great  founded moscow in 1134.....   forget his name----    anyway   the west has no idia  about the culture  here  they do look down on slaves   dont deny it ...   so  they dont think its worth knowing our history    ...    well it more complex than the west  more interesting  and   action all the time   we have never been properly thanked for absorbing the mongols  for the west    thats just one thing...      anyway    the  thing is     putin  dosent want  kivan russ   -proper name for ukurain      ( edge coutryis all ukurain says )       thats not a proper name for a country ... its only because  weve been fightingh for so long    anyway    they got the russian pupet in power now in kiev  and  ruthenias  want out   they arested a priest amonth ago ... they are starting to stand up  even in bealoruss........   where most of the people are ruthenian ... its the northern part of the old dutchy     russ  then vldimir   in the middel and halic in the bottom  and that where  we are....     maybee a little more south            i dont have time to rell yous  any more..   do some reading   and it will help you......      i dont realy know  and havent studdyed everthing  resent                  but i do know   its tence  there now     if our company has egnored  the locals  ruthens    big mistake  but its a tight rope  ....    kiev might aprove but the locals  will not just to put a wrench in   possibly   --i dont know thios at all im just going but what i know  ....    so this is the main reason its priced so low.... i think