An economic recovery in the US would most definately be positive for the price of Precious metals, and Silver more than Gold.  Here are some reasons why:


1.  Industrial demand:  Particularly with silver industrial demand would pick up for electronics, photography, solar panels etc. and industrial demand is by far the greatest user or silver there is far eclipsing investment or jewelry demand.


2.  Inflation:  Contrary to what you might have heard on the Gold Bug forums, investors buy precious metals as a hedge against inflation or as a store of value  (these are exactly the same thing).  An economic recovery will most certainly cause a tick up in inflation (I am not talking hyper-inflation) whereas recession or depression causes deflation.  


3. Scrap:  I would thing in an improved economy there would be less people who would be forced to sell Grandmas old tea set or the bag or old silver coins or jewelry just to make the next car payment or put food on the table.


4. Jewelry:  A good economy should sell more jewelry than a bad one.


just my take