Good point on the warrants thomas.  From my point of view KNE has 3.4M reasons to make the .17 warrants look like a bargain.  At a SP of .25 and beyond with a solid market, KNE should get a huge injection of cash...Which should work quite nicely with the marketing of the two products they are planning to launch by the end of Q1.

Since the last financing closed on Dec.14 Jordan and PI have purchased 5M shares in the open Market at around .125.  Looks like some nice accumulation for the hopes of a better market in the not too distant future.  

As for  Kane's IR take a look at ICO: over the last year that .20 stock has been trading great volumes well over .70 the last while. 

I like the IR here  a lot because they have the smarts and the money to pick and choose great companies to represent.  Not always the case!!!



Enjoy the Weekend,