I agree.  It will be interesting to see what happens with StrixNB(Pet Toothpaste).  Having some experience with Dogs and bad breathe- if Kane can bring a product to the market that actually works and they are able to package and market it properly, I can see a very solid revenue generator.  


Not even looking at the 80M dogs in the USA, the 5-7M dogs in Canada could provide a decent starting point.  Just for fun lets say they could sell their toothpaste for a 2$ profit to 1% of Dog owners at a rate of 3 times/year. That works out to between 300-420k/year.  Not exactly big money, but if the product actually works the opportunity for reoccurring sales and increasing market share is rock solid.


At any rate I will be eagerly waiting for this product to hit the shelves if for no other reason than to give my dog friend minty fresh breath.  The stuff currently available is a joke.