2guys, I guess we have all had our rockets and bombs but I did a little more research where these guys are and like what I see. It is certainly early for sure and we may even need a 2000 an oz gold to support some of these rockets. Guess what we have to understand is that an oz of gold is not 800-1000 dollars an oz and that some of these old mine properties the big boys pulled out of, now are viable. I would love to see another PP. To me that would support a value placed on a stock. I do think the management involved here are able to make this work and there is access the year around.  Proof will be in the pudding and this and GTA are the only pennies I have in this sector at the moment. Both under 25 million shares. To answer you question of the cost of 10K meters of drilling... a lot.. and far more than 16 million dollars (market cap at 1.00 a share) but the cost will be far less than other locations where getting there is a hardship.