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Kombat Copper Inc V.KBT

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Alternate Symbol(s): PNTZF

Kombat Copper Inc is a mineral exploration and development company. The Company is focused on the acquisition of copper assets in southwestern Africa.
Price: $0.14 | Change: +$0.015 | % Change: +12.00%
Volume: 93,000 | Day High/Low: 0.14/0.125 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.19/0.07

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3 stars


No pumping, only putting out facts. Some people know when I post it means there is positive activity and they know why. I'm not here to argue, criticize or start a following to stroke my ego. I'm only...read more
3.5 stars


Interesting that you think that Jack or I might be paid pumpers Muttly...nothing could be further from the truth, just like everything else you have to spew up.  BS must indeed stand for Best Stocks...read more
2.5 stars


You may be right about one thing Bosshogg. Your wheels are definitely up and you are going nowhere and it makes no difference what a couple of  x-Carnival hucksters like you and Jack squat say...read more
3.5 stars


Look Jack, Bennjy the Mutt is back. Seems last time he was sniffling around we had a nice price bounce also!  It would be nice if he made a prediction like Red on the WDG board though and said...read more
2 stars


I don't know if it's just me but , every time I read a post from Jack squat or Bosshogg I keep hearing this kind of music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjedLeVGcfE  rate and reply
3 stars


I guess that makes Jacks information pretty hot Koolman, hot enough to barbecue the Red Frog. Or is it Green Deer?  Pass the sauce Jack! Bosslady  rate and reply
4 stars


Red fortunately for you our friend is spot on and based on what I know and read our friend close to the fire.  rate and reply
2.5 stars

RE:RE:RE:VERY strong support recently..................

WOW!!!!!!!!!___now that was quite the PUMP__JACK you threw in everything but the kitchen sink!!!!!!!!__but I especially love your first and last sentences__VERY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, with...read more
3.5 stars

RE:RE:VERY strong support recently..................

Its my understanding the team is actively engaged and excited about upcoming events. I believe the resource report is around the corner and we will soon see a great comeback. Some of the highlights...read more
3 stars

RE:VERY strong support recently..................

Nice!  Everything coming up green!  Even the Frog seems Greener today! Spring is in the air! Bosslady  rate and reply
3 stars

VERY strong support recently..................

Most certainly the 455K bid @ 10.5 cents by BMO Investorline still in place since last Thursday and today the strong bid for 220K @ 11.5 cents by ScotiaItrade gives VERY stong and MUCH needed support...read more
2.5 stars


Looking to roll some of my profits into wdg and champion ...... I think diversification is key wouldn't want to do what sugar did put all his eggs in one basket maybe the Easter bunny will re fill his...read more
3 stars


Great :) long also what's a couple of more months been holding for yrs...Happy Easter!  rate and reply
2.5 stars


Still liking this play Washy. I figure theres lots to come yet and am holding strong. Just been over with Dawgs and a few others getting buzzed... not a haircut either!  Surprized Bipolar Ray isnt...read more
3 stars


500 share trade @close. Musta needed some beer cash. Lol keeping the price down  rate and reply
2.5 stars


Sizable bid @ .105....feeling another run soon  rate and reply
3 stars


Still liking this play ......10 cents wow........any insight polo  rate and reply
3.5 stars

RE:Do you hear that hissing?

Well here we are__now down 40% with a steady, almost daily, decline for the past 4 weeks. All that hot PDAC air surely must be pretty close to all being leaked out from the KBT balloon? Maybe the...read more
3 stars

RE:Hope they come out with something positive soon!

Don't worry BUY2009__rest assured that they will soon be releasing a VERY compelling RESERVES report. inferred__probable__proven__oh and the old tailings to boot! LOL!  rate and reply
3 stars

RE:ToneStemple...........you still with us?

Hey ToneStemple__we haven't seen or heard from you for over 4 weeks now!__so what gives???? Now that KBT has pretty much had all that PDAC air leaked out and is rapidly dropping to a crash landing at...read more