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King's Bay Gold Corporation V.KBG

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold

An active mineral resource Company which is engaged in the acquisition of interests and the exploration of mineral resource properties in North West Ontario. Its mandate is to acquire, evaluate and bring gold and other precious metal properties.
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?????? Why

King's Bay omits 2013 P&L from NR     2014-04-23 16:37 ET - News Release     Mr. Ray Prefontaine reports   KING'S BAY GOLD CORPORATION CONFIRMS THE COMPLETION OF ITS WWW.SEDAR.COM Q4...read more
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The month of May looks like it will be AWESOME

The budget for 2014 will be mostly spent in the month of May based on what I read in this report. I think it a fair statement to make that May, June and July may be company changing months. I think...read more
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RE:very interesting information

I agree 3P. Page 43 is very telling IMHO. Always Do Your Own DD. TH  rate and reply
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very interesting information

is within this MD&A report. What I find of most interest is the information pertaining to budgeted expenses for 2014. Now it should be noted that budgeted expenses are much greater than funds...read more
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are we trying to develop

a complete understanding of the property characteristics before undergoing a major drilling campaign? I choose to interpret the words in the MD&A as ones that we should see as the company taking a...read more
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RE:big hurdle to jump

one item mentionned for esploration of Menary this year is the following. LIDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is aremote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed...read more
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big hurdle to jump

Exploration Plans: In order to undertake certain early exploration activities, an  exploration plan must be submitted, and any surface rights owners must be notified.  Aboriginal communities...read more
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RE:Sedar Filing

Thanks Hammer, I will look those over. Personally, I think it is highly important to shareholders that the company has now offcially filled it's year end results and by doing so I suspect that the...read more
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Awesome Improvement for King's Bay Gold Corpor. **MUST SEE**

We simply wanted to share this service with everybody. This website has an article with extensive info of fast moving small cap stocks. http://weeg.ru/xOPN  rate and reply
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Sedar Filing

Recommend you to review Kings Bay Filing. TH  rate and reply
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the gong show continues

As most of us realize fiat currencies today are just a piece of paper backed by a promise. Today as governments struggle with debt due to bad pollicy decisions and a poor economic climate, fiat...read more
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not for the fearfull

"money can be made by being brave when other people are afraid" This company is not an investment for the weak at heart. It is an investment that could make huge returns if management can find a way...read more
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wow!!! is the gold standard coming back soon???

The currency war will be won by the first one able to back their currency with a gold standard. (likely China) Nixon took the USA off of the gold standard in 1971. Since then we have created more...read more
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we may very well be on the doorstep

of a dramatic change of market dynamics. Investors might need to review their allocations for the metals as well as energy-related equities because prices are likely to move much higher. I am an old...read more
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What I like about this company.

Although I own a number of the big mining plays through a precious metal fund I hold, I only hold shares in a few small exploration plays like KBG. I have followed many junior exploration stocks over...read more
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RE:not many believers for this story teller

Scanner the story here is told in the data available on the properties. To me they are the paramount factor. The properties are what we are and what we have the potential to become. imho  rate and reply
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we are watching history being written in 2014

2014 is proving out  to be a very interesting year from many perspectives. Geopolitics is becoming a subject that many are now taking more seriously. Market manipulation evidence seems to be poping...read more
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not many believers for this story teller

penny and half on the bid is reality....some people live in the super nova mixed with the past ......some people are great story tellers and kbg mgt are not.....maybe they do not have a great story to...read more
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Why was this a smart move by management??

For those of us that follow this story closely we realized that this JV with Chalice on this property could soon have been a financial liability. In addition I think it fair to state that KBG has...read more
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RE:news out tonight

2014-04-10 16:14 ET - News Release   Also News Release (C-CXN) Chalice Gold Mines Ltd   Mr. Ray Prefontaine of King's Bay reports   KING'S BAY GOLD CORPORATION ANNOUNCES THE SALE TO...read more