Grabski has it out for management that is a given, it would seem.
Why? I don't care.

My interest in KBG has always been the same.


As far as properties go KBG has 3 properties that from my research have incredible potential.

Management will continue searching for a way to expand our exploration of these properties and that is good enough for me.
 It is that simple.

Shareholders here can believe that or sell. Frankly that has to be thier decision, I am only thankful that guys like Grabski can cause some to sell me their shares for bargain basement prices.
Every .01 share offered the last year has been taken. Now the .015 shares offered are being slowly taken.
If we can see this .015 wall get taken out then we are well positionned to get above .05 in the short term.
Best of Luck to all and please research this carefully before selling or buying.