Good morning all,   I have been witholding my opinion for the most part here because I am done with people blaming me for the lack of developments here. This entire sector has been demolished and as of yet we do not know who will emerge from the rubble. Will KBG survive? Will the management team survive? Will we remain as an exploration company? If so will we have the means to explore our properties in 2013? All valid questions and all questions yet to be answered. Do I have an opinion on these subjects? Of course I do, but I am keeping those to myself. Of late I have been spending little to no time researching these companies. Most that I follow I have not even looked at in weeks. Why? Not much point and frankly I am extremely occupied with other things. Thank goodness that some of my other plans are making progress.. I do follow the work of Eric King on KWN daily as I have a great deal of respect for the regular contributors to that site. The Andrew Mcquire's, Jim Sinclair, Eric Sprott, Rick Rule. Dr. Paul Graig  Roberts as well as a few others are all credible people with vast market experience. Some claim that these contributors to the KIng World News blog are crazies and conspiracists.Well everyone is allowed their opinion but I learnt that one needs to walk through life with an open mind and one that is willing to learn from others with more life experiences. Hope everyone is well and taking time to enjoy the gifts of life. Family, friends and the like.