According to rattle..

I am simply trying to dupe gullible people into buying my shares?

I am a paid pumper.?

I am an idiot.?

Menary property is moose pasture? (he's right there..good moose country)

Headway is dead?(no longer matters in the short term as much to KBG as the circumstances have changed)

Coventry is going to drop the KBG claims and mine everywhere on their property but the KBG claims?

New Gold-Hill property is useless?

Therefore that would allow us to conclude that hrattle knows more about geology that Jim Rogers?

Jim Rogers is a looser who destroys everything he touches?

The hydro bill was not paid and the lights are out?

PDAC booth is going to be used to sell water bottles to the real explorers?

Rambler knows nothing about US politics?

Cookymonster is homophobic?

Zanmat also knows nothing?

Kyle is a used car salesman?

The Gospel according to hrattle.


Did I miss anything rattle?